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Bus Changes: Ride Free Bus Zone is No More, Rapid Ride is Here

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There have been a couple of changes to the Metro bus system that we thought were worth addressing since many of our readers ride the Metro. The two major changes are the elimination of the downtown ride free zone and the addition of the Rapid Ride bus service.

For those of you that live and/or work in Belltown or Downtown you might have been used to riding certain buses for free. As of September 29th, the ride free areas are gone. Along with this change is a new procedure for paying. All riders will pay upon entering the bus in the front and will exit out the rear door. Pay in front, exit in back. That is the new slogan - cute isn’t it?  Why the changes? According to Metro’s website, eliminating the ride free area will help the city’s budget as they pay to operate the buses in those routes. As for pay on entry, they believe it will make riding the bus less confusing as the method for paying will be the same on all routes.

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