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Client Question – Should I Have an Offer Review Date When Selling My Condo?

Multiple Offers5Client Question: “It seems like everyone is holding off to review offers, should we have an offer review date for our condo?”

Dear Should I have an Offer Review Date:

There are pros and cons to every strategy when it comes to listing your house or condo. For offer review dates here are potential risks and benefits.


  • In order to create the frenzy of buyers who are willing to compete for your home on an offer review date you have to price strategically, which often means pricing it below what you think it will sell for in order to give the buyers room in their budget to escalate the price up so if you don’t get offers on your review date and get just one after the fact, you have to be comfortable taking that lower list price as your sales price

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Coffee Table Chat Video Series - Can I buy a home before my job starts?

Welcome to Coffee Table Chat!

Our new video series addressing actual client questions and concerns in our current market. They will cover whatever issues our clients are experiencing and will typically feature a guest who also works in the industry such as a lender, an Escrow closer, a Title rep, etc.

Hopefully you find the videos informative and helpful!

Enjoy Episode 1! 
"I am moving to Seattle and want to buy right away but don’t start my job for a couple months, what do I do?"