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October 30, 2015

Gridiron Condo’s First Week Update – The $800 +/sqft Prices are still the Talk of the Town

2This week I popped by the new sales center to talk with the Sales team to see how things are going.

Well, despite last week’s shocking public reaction to Gridiron’s lofty prices for their lofty units, they have already reserved over half of the 26 units that were released as part of their phase one.  With pre-sale prices that seem to hover at around an average of $831/sqft based on the those listings posted on the MLS for Gridiron, the days of getting a good deal when you buy early seem to be gone.

Earlier last week the developer released about 25% of the 107 units to the public with pricing for an opportunity to reserve a unit.   The reservation period, along with buyer’s $10,000 refundable reservation deposit, is in effect until the purchase and sale agreement and additional specifics such as the amount of HOA dues are worked out by the developer.  Then buyers with reservations will have a couple of weeks to review the new purchase and sale agreements, along with the required disclosures before making a final decision to move forward with a purchase.

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